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Adrianna Schneider

  • Full Name: Adrianna Schneider
  • Preferred Name: Anna
  • Professional Title: Personal Trainer | Health & Fitness Coach
  • Years of Experience in Personal Training: 1 year in the field
  • Certifications and Qualifications: Bachelor of Kinesiology – Major in Human Kinetics ; CSEP-CPT ; ISSA-CPT ; ISSA Nutrition Coach
  • What are you working on for continued education: Always taking part in my own research and continued learning, especially when it comes to specific aspects with my clients. Currently working on putting my extensive education into action now.
  • Specializations: Youth athlete strength training, Functional/Lifestyle Training & programming, Glute Hypertrophy training & programming.
  • Philosophy/Approach to Fitness: My approach to fitness is simple, I strive to help you find the balance you have been seeking. Everyone’s perfect balance looks different and it may even shift from time to time, but learning how to navigate those shifts while still reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals is what I am here to help you with. Whether you struggle with figuring out what to do in a gym, your nutrition, or maybe it’s just showing up, I am ready to help guide you through your fitness journey so that you can experience all of the amazing benefits an active lifestyle has to offer. I believe exercise is a form of medicine!
  • Personal Fitness Achievements: Bodybuilding Competition (bikini category) at 18 years old – 1st place novice & in my category, second place overall. Recently started running and just broke my longest run record of 12km (hoping to do one of the QCM races in the fall)
  • Why Did You Become a Personal Trainer? I have always had a passion for health and fitness and being able to share that passion with others brings me so much happiness. My experiences with my own health and fitness have ultimately led me into this field. I have had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to be at my absolute fittest, as well as my least. Neither one are optimal nor sustainable states to be in, therefore I have had to learn how to find my balance in life. My mission is to provide others with the tools and knowledge they need to live their lives fully and functionally with a good balance that serves them.
  • Favorite Client Success Story: My favorite client success story is a 24 year old female who, at first, had the single goal of growing her glutes. This client had not touched the gym before and had little to no experience with physical activity. After 3 months of consistently exercising in the gym with me, she began realizing not only some glute growth, but most importantly, she noticed that her mood was better, productivity in her day-to-day tasks increased, she felt more energized, and she was genuinely shocked at how much she started to enjoy going to the gym. It has now been 1.5 years and she is consistently and confidently training at the gym all on her own as it is now just a healthy habit that is part of her daily routine.
  • Your Own Fitness Journey:
    • My love for fitness and exercise started when I was a competitive diver, which I did from the ages of 6 to 14 years old. From a young age, it was normalized to workout and train hard. When I made the decision to leave my diving career, I felt very lost. Going from training at a high intensity almost every day of the week to no physical activity at all was a shock for me. Once I turned 15 years old, I was finally old enough to get my first gym membership, and was I ever excited! I began going to the gym almost every morning before school and quickly became infatuated with the bodybuilding world. I would read blogs and articles, watch videos, and do anything I could to learn more about weightlifting and bodybuilding. Given my competitive nature, I knew one day I would compete in a competition.
    • Fast forward to my senior year of highschool, I was 18 years old and I was itching to compete, so I contacted a coach and began my first prep for a bikini competition. I prepped throughout my school year and competed shortly after I graduated. Once the adrenaline of graduating and competing in my first bodybuilding show wore off, I was left with this feeling of emptiness and once again felt very lost. I took some time away from the gym, thinking it would help me feel better, but that break turned into a much longer hiatus than anticipated and gave me a lot of time to feed some not-so-healthy habits.
    • My life consisted of many extremes and a constant state of being in that “all or nothing” mindset. I eventually realized that my mind, body and soul were screaming for some balance. That is when I embarked on, what I like to call, my “balance journey”. I slowly, but surely began to replace my unhealthy tendencies that were no longer serving my life with habits that would align with the lifestyle I wanted. I started out small and kept working my way toward the life that I was envisioning for myself.
    • I have come very far from where I started and throughout my journey, I have gained new knowledge, new perspectives, and have had many experiences that have helped shape me into the personal trainer and coach I am today. I no longer train just to look a certain way, I train because I am a better person when I do. I prove to myself multiple days a week that I can show up for myself and do something challenging, even if I am not motivated. This has bled into all aspects of my life, making me more punctual, more intentional, and more productive in my everyday life. I truly want every person to experience a life where they believe in themselves and ultimately live to their fullest potential with the help of exercise.
  • Favorite Fitness Quote or Motto: Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now. -Robin Sharma
  • Additional Skills or Interests Related to Fitness: Nutrition Coaching
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram: @annaschneidyy

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