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Cancellations Terms / Pause Terms

Membership Cancellations Policy:

All gym/training memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE but they are available to be cancelled with proper written notice by email to info@brickhousegym.club or in person. We will not accept cancellations by phone or social media. All memberships have a 3-month minimum to protect the integrity of our club with the exception of personal training memberships.

All cancellations require a minimum of 1 month’s notice of the intended stop date. Any fees within that month will still run as scheduled whether it be bank transfers or credit cards. If this is a Personal Training or Group Training membership we require 2 weeks(14 days) written notice of the intended stop date.

Annual or semi-annual memberships that have been paid in full are not eligible to receive a refund. You may transfer your annual membership (administration transfer fees may apply).

At our club, we strive to promote a non-crowded, safe training environment. In order to do so, we uphold a policy requiring a minimum membership commitment of three months. If a person or group is only interested in a short-term membership, we offer alternative arrangements that do not involve a traditional membership. We are committed to upholding our standards in order to ensure that all members have a positive and beneficial experience at our club.

Membership Pause policy:

During those times when you are unable to attend the gym for whatever reason, you may pause your membership under these terms.

  1. We require written email notice 14 days prior to the period you intend to have paused to info@brickhousegym.club
  2. A membership pause may be used for up to a total of 3 months for the year.
  3. May be used a maximum of three times during the calendar year from the date of joining to an accumulated total of three months.
  4. Members are required to pay $12.00 plus tax every time a pause is requested and your membership is on hold.
  5. Once a member’s Freeze period has been completed, regular membership rates will continue to be charged.
  6. MEDICAL PAUSE: If you are unable to participate in fitness activities due to medical reasons you may pause your membership for up to 6 months.