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Casey DeRosier 

  • Full Name: Casey DeRosier 
  • Preferred Name: Casey 
  • Professional Title: Personal trainer 
  • Years of Experience in Personal Training: 4
  • Certifications and Qualifications: ACE CPT
  • What are you working on for continued education: Coaching and training women, Perimenopausal and menopausal women, Spinal health
  • Specializations: Strength training, running, weight loss.
  • Philosophy/Approach to Fitness: Making fitness a part of your lifestyle. Long term sustainable changes over short term unsustainable changes. 
  • Personal Fitness Achievements: Royal Victoria Half Marathon, Force competition, Hip thrust 505 lbs. 
  • Why Did You Become a Personal Trainer? I became a personal trainer to help people, especially women, become the strongest, most powerful, happiest version of themselves. 
  • What Do You Love Most About Your Job? I love seeing my clients come into the gym day in and day out with grit and determination to reach their goals. 
  • Favorite Client Success Story: A client came to me with cerebral palsy, unable to use the right side of their body very well. They found simple tasks such as going up the stairs without hanging onto the railing difficult. Within a year, they had lost all the weight and regained function of the right side of their body. They were able to not only walk up the stairs without hanging on, but even skip 2 steps. 
  • Your Own Fitness Journey: I’ve always been active, starting from an early age. I loved participating in sports. At 18 years of age, I was told I needed double hip surgery for torn labrum’s. I was also told I would need a hip replacement very early on in life. I started weight lifting focusing on my glutes. Fast forward to today my hips are pain free 90% of the time. Over the years I’ve learnt dedication, hard work and confidence through weightlifting. 
  • Hobbies and Interests Outside of Fitness: I love to sit down with a good book, go camping and run! 
  • Favorite Fitness Quote or Motto: Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.
  • Any Additional Skills or Interests Related to Fitness: Marathon training 
  • Social Media Handles: @kcfiit_training

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