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Here are detailed instructions for each challenge listed in the “May the Gains Be With You” fitness bingo card.

B Column:

B1: Galactic Gliders Workout

Equipment Needed: Glider discs or towels on a smooth floor.

Instructions: Use glider discs for a low-impact, high-intensity workout that focuses on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Include exercises like mountain climbers, planks with limb extensions, and reverse lunges.

B2: Star Pilot Stability Training

Equipment Needed: Stability balls or TRX balance trainers.

Instructions: Perform exercises that enhance core strength and balance, such as stability ball squats, ball push-ups, and core roll-outs, ideal for building the stability needed for piloting through star systems.

B3: Survive the Assault team challenge   

Equipment Needed:  Various gym equipment for a circuit (e.g., kettlebells, ropes, resistance bands). 

 Instructions:  Set up a circuit training that includes strength, cardio, and agility stations. You must complete the circuit, enough rounds to build up endurance, over a 20 to 30-minute session.

B4: Post a workout photo in Star Wars attire   

Equipment Needed:  Any Star Wars-themed clothing or accessories. 

Instructions:  Dress up in Star Wars-themed workout gear and take a photo in the gym to post on social media. This engages the community and promotes the gym.

B5: Mindfulness and Mobility with the Masters

Equipment Needed: gym mats and a quiet space.

Instructions: Combine deep stretching and mindfulness practices in a session designed to increase mobility and reduce stress. Incorporate elements of yoga with a focus on long hold stretches and mindful breathing.

I Column:

I1: Power through a Speeder Air Bike Sprints workout   

Equipment Needed:  Stationary air bikes. 

Instructions:  Participants perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on stationary bikes, simulating high-speed chases. Include sprints and recovery periods for a total of 20 minutes.

I2: Dominate the Sith Battle sparring session   

Equipment Needed:  heavy bag. 

Instructions:  have a solo sparring session that incorporates kickboxing or light-contact martial arts techniques to boost cardiovascular health and self-defense skills. Ensure safety measures are in place, session to last 20 minutes.

I3: Spacewalk Simulator

Equipment Needed: Resistance bands and a stable overhead anchor.

Instructions: Simulate the movements and resistance experienced during a spacewalk. Use resistance bands attached to an overhead anchor on the squat racks to perform exercises that require pulling, pushing, and stabilizing. Include movements like band-resisted squats, overhead pulls, and lateral walks, focusing on maintaining balance and control against the ‘zero-gravity’ tension provided by the bands. This activity helps improve strength, endurance, and full-body coordination in a fun and imaginative way.

I4: Leap over challenges in a Force Jump session 

Equipment Needed:  Plyometric boxes. 

Instructions:  Conduct a plyometric workout focusing on lower body strength and explosive power. Exercises include box jumps, squat jumps, and lunges, lasting 20 minutes.

I5: Reflect and meditate post-workout for 15 minutes   

Equipment Needed:  Quiet space, optional meditation cushions. 

Instructions:  Play an audio guide a short meditation session to unwind and reflect after your workouts. Focus on breathing techniques and mindful relaxation.

N Column:

N1: Jedi Skills Assessment – Try a new workout or gym activity   

Instructions:  We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone by trying a new piece of equipment in the gym that you haven’t used before. This could be anything from cardio to heavy compound lifts or Prime Fitness Equipment.

N2: Alien Insider – Introduce a friend to a the gym   

Instructions:  You members can bring a friend any day, promoting both social interaction and new experiences. This can help boost gym membership and provide a supportive workout environment.

N3: Free Space – Dress as your favourite Star Wars character for a workout   

Instructions:  Members dress up as your favourite Star Wars characters during your workout, adding a fun and engaging element to your gym routine.

N4: Intergalactic Equipment Circuit

Equipment Needed: Various gym equipment like rowing machines, ellipticals, and weight stations.

Instructions: Set up a circuit that includes multiple pieces of gym equipment, creating an “Intergalactic Equipment Circuit.” Participants move from one station to another, each representing a different ‘planet’ or ‘galaxy’. For example, the rowing machine could simulate traveling through the ‘nebula currents’, the elliptical might represent orbiting around a ‘gas giant’, and the weight stations could be themed as different ‘gravity wells’ where exercises are performed under the pretense of varying gravitational forces. This circuit not only provides a full-body workout but also keeps engagement high with the thematic exploration of different cosmic locations.

N5: Aqua Adventure – Hydrate with at least 8 glasses of water in a day   

Instructions:  Challenge you to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day to promote hydration and overall health, tracking your intake with a simple chart or app.

G Column:

G1: Meteorite Maneuver Challenge

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells.

Instructions: This challenge involves a series of dumbbell exercises designed to mimic maneuvering through a meteorite field. Set up stations with different dumbbell exercises that target various muscle groups. Participants could start with dumbbell lunges (simulating dodging meteorites), then move on to dumbbell presses (pushing meteorites away), followed by dumbbell rows (pulling themselves through narrow spaces), and finish with squat presses (jumping over obstacles). This circuit not only enhances muscular strength and coordination but also adds a fun, space-themed narrative to the workout. Each station should be completed for a specific number of reps or time, promoting endurance and agility.

G2: Set a new personal record in the Lift the X-Wing strength challenge   

Equipment Needed:  Free weights, barbells. 

Instructions:  Encourage members to attempt setting a new personal record in any lift of their choice, such as deadlift, squat, or bench press, fostering a sense of achievement and progress.

G3: Endure the Clone Trooper Boot Camp   

Equipment Needed:  Variety of gym equipment for full-body workout. 

Instructions:  Design a boot camp-style workout that includes a mix of strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises. Make it challenging to mimic the training regimen of a Clone Trooper, lasting about 45 minutes.

G4: Share a Star Wars workout meme online   

Instructions:  Encourage you to create or share a funny Star Wars-themed fitness meme on social media, enhancing community interaction and enjoyment.

G5: Finish a Tatooine Trek long endurance workout   

Equipment Needed:  Treadmills or a safe outdoor path. 

Instructions:  Host a long-distance running event, either on treadmills in the gym or at a nearby park, inspired by the long expanses of Tatooine.

O Column:

O1: Long Haul Discipline – Commit to a full week of uninterrupted training   

Instructions:  Challenge members to complete a full week of training without missing a single planned workout, encouraging consistency and discipline in their fitness routines.

O2: Lead your team in the Death Star Destruction competition   

Equipment Needed:  Team-based fitness challenges. 

Instructions:  Organize a team competition where groups compete in various fitness challenges, such as timed farmer carries, to ‘destroy’ their fitness goals.

O3: Conquer the Force Push push-up challenge   

Instructions:  Set up a push-up challenge where members aim to complete as many push-ups as they can in one minute, pushing their limits and improving their upper body strength.

O4: Brave the Cold (Kryo plunge)   

Instructions:  either do a cold plunge at home if you have a tub or we will organize a plunge day with Adam Swanson and Kryo tubs.

O5: Chill, Relax with a Star Wars movie post-workout

Instructions:  Suggest you unwind by watching a Star Wars movie after a particularly intense workout session, combining relaxation with thematic enjoyment.

Implementation Details:

Cards and Tracking: Members can save digital image of the bingo card. They can use stickers or digital marks to track completed activities.

Rewards: Offer rewards for completing lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and special prizes for blacking out the entire board.

Duration: This challenge is perfect for the entire month of May, encouraging members to maintain engagement and experience a wide array of fitness activities.

This theme adds an enjoyable twist to your fitness challenge, motivating members to embrace their inner Jedi or Sith in pursuit of their fitness goals throughout the month.

Points structure for the “May the Gains Be With You” that can be redeemed at Gym Star Pro Shop:

Points Structure

  1. Activity Completion:
    • Special Activities (Free Space, themed attire day): 150 points each.
  2. Bonus Challenges:
    • Completing a row/column/diagonal on the bingo card: 150 points.
    • Completing the entire bingo card: 1000 points.
  3. Social Media Engagement:
    • Posting a workout photo with specific hashtags or tagging the gym: 50 points per post.
    • Sharing a fitness tip or personal progress story related to the challenge: 25 points per share.
  4. Member Referrals:
    • Bringing a friend to the gym (who participates in the challenge): 300 points per new member.

Redemption Values

  • Points can be accumulated throughout the challenge and can be redeemed at the Gym Star Pro Shop. Here is the example redemption values:
    • 100 points: $1 discount on purchase.
    • 1000 points: $10 discount on purchase.

Additional Notes:

  • Tracking and Transparency: The method for tracking points is a blend of an honour system and action tracking.
  • End Date for Redemption: All bingo cards must be turned in by June 1st 2024, or sooner if the card is a blackout.

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