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Jessica Ireland

  • Full Name: Jessica Ireland
  • Preferred Name: Jess
  • Professional Title: certified personal trainer
  • Years of Experience in Personal Training: 1 year, I got started in January of 2023.
  • Certifications and Qualifications: certified personal trainer, weight management specialist, certified nutritionist, and certified online coach
  • What are you working on for continued education: currently I’m working on expanding my knowledge through learning from mind pump media as well as keeping up to date with my certifications.
  • Specializations: I specialize in strength training.
  • Philosophy/Approach to Fitness: I believe that everyone can achieve their goals whether than be physically or mental by taking the time and effort to give that love to yourself – I’m here to help you along that journey, encourage you, and guide you through it!
  • Personal Fitness Achievements: currently the two personal records I am most proud of is back squatting 205lbs x 5, and 8 consecutive body weight pull ups. The reason I’m so proud of these specifically is because they are something I’ve been working towards for a long time.
  • Why Did You Become a Personal Trainer? The simple answer is just to help people. Help them achieve a more healthy and wealthy body that allows them to live not only longer but a better and more fulfilling lifestyle! Not being anchoring down by what you can’t do, but working hard and focusing on what you can and will achieve!
  • What Do You Love Most About Your Job? I love to see people get more confident. Ive personally seen so many people get more confident and fulfilled when they realize how their hard work is paying off as they get stronger!
  • Favorite Client Success Story: I think on success story that always sticks out in my mind is this wonderful lady I had who strength training changed her life. She was always very motivated and happy to be at the gym which helped her push hard at the gym. I remember getting texts from her a couple months after we had started saying “I got into my husband’s truck without any help!” Where previously she struggled and was quite embarrassed. Another instance where she came in for her workout and told me about how she played on the floor with her grandchildren and didn’t have to worry about how she was going to get up off the floor – because she was confident in the strength we had built! I think this is one of the best successes because it let her live her life the fullest without worrying that she would be limited in her movements.
  • Your Own Fitness Journey: I have always been a fairly active individual. I played every sport growing up, spent lots of time playing outside with my siblings, and going on bike rides. In high school I continued playing sports and was really drawn to basketball. I ended up getting a scholarship and playing a year of college basketball. During that experience we did some strength training and I really enjoyed it. After college I joined a gym and started going consistently with little to know knowledge. I switched to Brickhouse in October of 2021. From there my passion for fitness and health exploded and I started to learn. Realizing I was so interested in it I decided to get certified and start helping others!
  • Hobbies and Interests Outside of Fitness: Outside of fitness I enjoy watching sports, spending time with my husband and family, and travelling!
  • Favorite Fitness Quote or Motto: The best time to start was yesterday, but the second best is today!
  • Any Additional Skills or Interests Related to Fitness: I enjoy learning about and experimenting with nutrition. It’s really one of the foundational pieces of health. I love to show people there is a way to make nutrition delicious, but also good for you!
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram: @coachingwithjess5, @nutritionwithjess5

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