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Justin Mondor – Founder and President

Full Name: Justin Mondor

Preferred Name: Justin

Professional Title: Founder and President of Brickhouse Gym

Years of Experience in the Fitness Industry: Over 17 years

Educational Background: self-made and self-taught entrepreneur

What Inspired You to Start Brickhouse Gym?

  • My world travels and experiences in different gyms inspired me to bring a world-class gym to Regina. I wanted to create a space where like-minded people could gather and experience the best in fitness, similar to the inspiration I got from visiting Destination Dallas, which combines a retail store with a top-notch gym.

Vision and Mission for Brickhouse Gym:

  • To lead by example, motivate others to change their lives for the better, and provide comprehensive fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and business advice. The mission is to create a world-class fitness environment in Regina, where members can experience a motivating and like-minded community.

Key Achievements and Milestones with Brickhouse Gym:

  • Opening Brickhouse Gym as a flagship location, creating a unique fitness environment in Regina, and successfully expanding services despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Fitness Journey and Achievements:

  • I’ve been into fitness since I was 20, and through my connections and travels, I’ve trained with professional bodybuilders, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that I share with the members of Brickhouse Gym.

Philosophy on Fitness and Business:

  • Real-world fitness and strong work ethics are key. Every action yields a 10% result; thus, creating 10 actions can achieve 100% of any goal, as stated in my DecaGram program. Continuous learning and staying true to one’s values are crucial.

Hobbies and Interests Outside of Fitness:

  • Custom cars, motorcycles, business networking, welding, woodworking, sewing, mechanics, big 4×4 trucks, gym fashion, and gym equipment.

Favorite Fitness or Business Quote:

  • “I am a visionary, action taker, and the leader of Brickhouse Gym/Gym Star.”
  • Mantra – “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

Additional Ventures and Roles:

  • Owner and CEO of Gym Star Apparel
  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring through DecaGram Coaching and Consultation

What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

  • Helping others grow their business or career and seeing the positive impact on their lives. Creating a motivating and like-minded community at Brickhouse Gym.

Community Involvement and Contributions: BNI Queen City

Contact Information (Email): justin.gymstar@gmail.com

Social Media Handles: @justin.gymstar.ca

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