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Your referrals are our most powerful way to grow our community

Everyone is inundated with information, but when it comes from someone they know, like, and trust, people hear it. That’s how powerful you are to us!

For every Gym member or Personal Training client you recruit for us you will be rewarded through our referrals program.

Here’s how you can help:

We have made it through the pandemic, and we want to keep our amazing community growing!

Send this link to your referrals: 2-Week Free Trial

As a Brickhouse member, you can be awarded ONE-month Free added to your membership.


Here’s How: Refer just 1 (one) of your friends, family or co-workers to become members, and get yourself 1 month free.


Bonus: If you get 6 (six) people referred within 1 year you get yourself an entire 1 year free.


Why would you want to have your friends join:

Helps build a community of people we enjoy being around.

Share your love for this gym with people that trust your judgment.

Grow the member numbers so that we can keep enjoying the growth and new equipment that we all love.



Step 1, Who: Who do you know who would love Brickhouse as you do? Friends, family members, your partner, work colleagues?
Remember, you are suggesting something that will make their lives better! This is a good thing. Who counts: Anyone who joins as a member OR any new Personal Training client.

Step 2, How: Cut and paste the note below and send it via text, email, post on social media, or call and read it!
Our entry point offer: 2-Weeks FREE Trial by referral only.
Incentive: For every Member or PT client you successfully refer, we give you a One Month Free added to your membership. If you recruit 6 members via referrals, you get your 1 free year membership! Yeah, we really value your help. What a great way to get free fitness!

Step 3, Tips: Targeted personal notes or texts. While a blanket email might snag someone, direct targeting is always the best.
“Hey _________! I know you were saying you were feeling sluggish. Come join me for a workout at this amazing gym called Brickhouse!”
Invite them to join you for a workout. An accountability partner will help you both! Then you can have social time after, basking in your endorphin high together!
Buy them their first month as an amazing gift! This will get them started. We will take it from there by providing an awesome facility. You will still get your referrals reward by doing this.


Hey ______,

Come join me for a pump!

There’s a gym I absolutely love called Brickhouse. I think you’ll love it too. There are so many different machines to choose from, amazing trainers and it’s super easy and convenient.

Here’s a video TOUR OF THE GYM. It’s different from just going to your run-of-the-mill corporate gym. Way more motivating and fun!

They are looking for people that love the gym environment and I’d love you to try them out! You can try it out for 2 -weeks Free and come workout with me.

Let’s pick a time and you can try it out with me! Accountability partnership or what?? Then we can hang out after for a coffee or burger?

When you register for your session click HERE, input my name as a referral.



To be eligible referred members must stay members for a minimum 3 month period.

2 weeks free pass is for during staffed hours and the person must be a resident of Regina, SK, and free of commitment with any other gym and able to join.