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Top 5 Ways to Support Brickhouse Gym on Social Media

To help Brickhouse Gym, the gym you love and see it grow so we continue to provide the best facility in Saskatchewan!

At the start of the pandemic, many were eager to support local and small businesses. But that enthusiasm has died down, even though small businesses are still adapting and struggling. Now is an excellent opportunity to connect with our small businesses or support fellow businesses. What can you do to support? One way is to get social. Whether you are a fellow small business employee/owner or a local customer, you can easily use social media to support a small business! Here are 5 suggestions to do so.

Follow or Like the Page(s)

The simplest way to show your support for Brickhouse Gym is to follow or like on social media. When you follow the company, you will be able to keep up with our events, updates, and progress. By following our small business, you demonstrate a personal interest in the Brickhouse Gym.

Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

Leave a Positive Comment

Take your followers to another level by engaging with Brickhouse Gym’s posts. Join in on the social media discussion by leaving a comment on a recent post. Simply leaving a genuine compliment increases our engagement. If our team asks for your opinion or we invite comments, take the invitation as an opportunity to show your love for Brickhouse Gym.


When we share an interesting blog article or likable post, you can repost it to increase engagement and introduce your friends to Brickhouse Gym. Reposting is simple with many social media apps. You could also use apps like Repost: For Instagram. Facebook and Instagram make it easy to share another profile’s post in your stories; all you have to do is hit the share post icon.

Take and Share a Photo

Take and then share a photo of you using the gym or your progress, or of you shopping at the Pro Shop. This is a great way to bring your physical support online. You can share your location in the post so readily find the location of Brickhouse Gym. You can also Check In to the Brickhouse Gym’s Page on Facebook if you are at our location. Sharing a photo of you using the equipment at the gym or training shows what the gym has to offer in action.

Leave a Review

Brickhouse Gym depends on reviews to gain trust with potential customers. If you had a positive experience with us or our team, do not keep it to yourself. Share your pleasant enthusiasm by leaving a review on Facebook or dropping a thank you message in our Instagram Direct Message. Your feedback encourages our team and nurtures trust among possible leads.

Do you plan on trying any of these 5 tips to support Brickhouse Gym? What ways do you show support and appreciation for Brickhouse Gym? Share this article with a friend to pass on the positive motivation to support.