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What is your Why?

Whether it’s a fitness goal, business endeavor, relationship, or any important aspect of your life. It is important to understand your ”Why”.

Why are you training? Why are you working 80+ hours a week? Why are you in a relationship with this person?

Why are you (Fill in the blank)? Your “Why” is your motivation. –

Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of what started you on a certain path. Your mind can try to play tricks on you. Your mind can convince your body to quit. Your mind can tell your heart(metaphorically speaking) to give up.  Your mind is incredibly powerful and your thoughts will grow and get louder as you feed the mind.  You can either feed it with negativity and allow your mind to hinder you or, you can feed it with positivity and soar to new heights. –

Keep your “Why” at the forefront of your mind. Use it to silence those negative thoughts that urge you to quit, tell you you’re not good enough, and try to keep you down. –

Remember WHY you STARTED in the first place, and use that to FINISH.

So, what is your “Why?”


Like always we are here to help. COntact us with any questions or if you need help with your why!