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BRICKHOUSE GYM is a World-Class Gym for the Best Results and enriching the lives in our community through a true fitness experience.

Proven Results

It’s no surprise that most gym-goers never get the results they’re looking for. Too many gyms are over-designed and under-equipped, and because of this, they fall short when it comes to what matters most, their members’ results. Long before Brickhouse Gym came to be, the business was designed to change to normal. Getting results is our priority. This is a place where you can be social, energized, motivated, and most importantly, be yourself. You won’t have to tell people you train at Brickhouse Gym, your results will tell them for you.

Limited Memberships

Nothing ruins a workout more than someone or something getting in your way. Normal gyms are way too crowded to guarantee a good workout. Everybody fights for the same machines until they eventually break down from overuse and poor maintenance. Not the case here at Brickhouse Gym. We hard cap our memberships to preserve our carefully curated environment. No crowding. No lineups. No broken machines. All this to ensure that you get the exact workout you’re looking for, whether it’s twenty minutes on the stepmill and hit the sauna, or four hours on the floor crushing weights.

Premium Equipment

Take a tour through any average gym and you’ll see an endless number of basic machines and mediocre accessories. Buying cheap gear in huge quantities is an easy way to save time and money. But nothing good comes of it. Cheap stuff breaks and broken stuff is useless, or dangerous. You shouldn’t have to worry about either of those things when you’re working out. And at Brickhouse Gym, you won’t. We hand-selected Made in the USA equipment from brands like Arsenal Strength and Prime Fitness so you can be sure that every piece of equipment you touch is pure professional grade and painstakingly maintained. Let everyone else deal with bent bars and broken cables, you’re training at Brickhouse Gym Regina.

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