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3 Day Split Workout, Push Pull Legs

Split Workout, 3 Days, Push Pull Legs

All exercises are performed with 4 sets of 10-12 reps and 30-60 seconds rest between.

Day 1 Push (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)

  1. Cable flies seated
  2. Prime Incline chest press
  3. Pec Dec
  4. Shoulder lateral
  5. Shoulder press
  6. Rear-facing Pec Dec
  7. Tricep straight bar press down
  8. Tricep underhand press down
  9. Tricep dips

Day 2 Pull (Back, Biceps)

  1. Lat Pulldown
  2. Seated Row
  3. Extreme Row
  4. Pullover
  5. Preacher Curl
  6. Dumbell Curl
  7. Cable Curls

Day 3 Legs

  1. Leg press
  2. Leg curls
  3. RDL
  4. Leg extensions
  5. Calf Raise
  6. Gulteator with 1-second hold at the bottom

Our 3 day split workout is designed for the athlete who’s looking for short bursts of high intensity. This split workout also works well for the busy professional who needs the exhilaration of a high intensity workout done over a few days.

These workouts are great to kick up your metabolism while building on results. Don’t forget to get in the gym and workout!