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Membership Welcome Info

COVID-19 directions:

  • 🔸 What’s New? 🔸 If you haven’t heard yet… This is why our facility continues to be a world-class gym. We take pride in taking care of our members. We have had installed a CASPR unit. Not sure what this technology is? Watch this VIDEO as it explains the benefits of CASPR. Brickhouse is currently the only gym in Regina that integrates this technology and we’re proud to be embracing innovation.
  • Masks are mandatory as per the Sask. government orders and must be worn at all times.
  • If you are showing signs of illness or have a cough or cold please stay home until you feel well.
  • If you have been travelling, please follow government guidelines related to self-quarantine.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located around the facility, please use them as needed.
  • Wiping down your equipment after use is a must and more important then ever, if you need or want, please go ahead and wipe your equipment before use also. Spray bottles contain a potent medical-grade germ guard.
  • Please keep the super setting to a minimum and try to stay within your equipment location during use. Giant sets are not allowed.

Private Facebook group:

This page is used for quick news for updates and events about the gym.

>CLICK HERE< to request access


  • All memberships are for one person’s access, drop-in passes are available during staffed hours.
  • No outside footwear is allowed in the facility and must be left at one of the entrances, please show respect.
  • All weights and equipment must be put back where it belongs after use, this includes bench, bars and plates.
  • Members are required to clean up after using the provided cleaning products, wiping down all benches and handles.
  • Chalk is allowed but must be cleaned up after use, preferably use liquid grip chalk that can be purchased from the Pro Shop.
  • When working out please keep conscious of other members and try not to block mirrors if someone is using space.
  • Personal hygiene is excepted to be good, no one wants to workout around or near someone who has a bad body odour.
  • Please don’t intentionally drop weights, only if you are trying to avoid injury is it acceptable.


Includes 24 hours access 365 days a year, access to tanning, sauna and free highspeed Wifi and VIP discounts when shopping in Gym Star Pro Shop


There is Free high-speed WIFI for all members, the network name is “Gym Star – Guest WiFi”, once you select this network a webpage will load asking you to confirm “Connect To Internet”

Sauna Use Guideline:

  • Please only pre-heat the Sauna for at most 15 minutes, an empty infrared sauna doesn’t heat up as fast without a body in it.
  • Bathrobe must be used inside the sauna, this is for your benefit and the sanitary reasons to keep this clean. Wearing a bathrobe during the use of an infrared sauna gives something for your sweat and toxins to absorb into, keeping these sweat on your skin can cause it to re-enter your body.
  • Ideal use is at most 4 days a week for 30 minutes each session to maximize health benefits, overuse is just like anything else and can have negative side effects.


Green spots are allowed for Brickhouse members, Red blocks are reserved/tow-away zones and Blue is handicapped parking!



Cancellation Policy >CLICK HERE<

Any question or concerns please email info@brickhousegym.club or call 306-910-1421

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