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Equipment Master List

Paramount Pendulum Squat
Panatta Seated Calf Raise with Tibia
Panatta Reverse Cowbow Bench
Dynavec Gluteator
Cybex Squat Press
Cybex Smith Machine
Atlantis Diverging Shoulder Press
Lever Unilateral Arm Curl
Pulse Pec Fly
Pulse Back Extension/Ab Crunch
Pulse V Crunch
Nautilus Shoulder Lateral
Nautilus Overhead Tricep Extension
Watson Ez Curl Arm Bar 2″ Fat Grip
Watson Straight Arm Bar 2″ Fat Grip
Watson Hammer Curl Arm Bar 2″ Fat Grip
Watson Skull Crusher Tricep Bar
Watson Safety Squat Bar
Fitness Solutions Hex Bar
Extreme Monkey Swiss Bar
StarTrac Seated Unilateral Lever Row
StarTrac Incline Unilateral Chest Press
Bells of Steal Belt Squat
Bells of Steal Reverse Hyper Extension + GHD
Bells of Steal Power Bar x 2
Matrix Multi Angle Bench
Strive Arm Curl
Strive Lat Pull-down
Strive Leg Prone Curl
Strive Leg Extension
Strive Tricep Extension
Strive Seated Chest Press
Prime Fitness Hybrid Seated Leg Curl
Prime Fitness Hybrid Leg Press
Prime Fitness Hybrid Pec Dec / Rear Delt
Prime Fitness Hybrid Pullover
Prime Fitness Hybrid Seated Calf Press
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Arm Curl
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Shoulder Press
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Flat Chest Press
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Extreme Row
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Lat Pull-down
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Seated Row
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Leg Extension
Prime Fitness Plate Loaded Prone Leg Curl
Prime Fitness Hex Bar
Prime Fitness Rot8 Handle set
Arsenal Strength Inner/Outer Thigh x 2
Arsenal Strength Standing Unilateral Leg Curl
Arsenal Strength Leg Extension
Arsenal Strength Hack Squat
Arsenal Strength Power Squat
Arsenal Strength Vertical Leg Press
Arsenal Strength Glute Kick Back
Arsenal Strength Glute Bridge
Arsenal Strength Squat Rack
Arsenal Strength Bi-Lateral Leg Press
Arsenal Strength Sissy Squat Chair
Arsenal Strength Standing Calf Raise
Arsenal Strength Shrug Machine
Arsenal Strength Tricep Kickback
Arsenal Strength Shoulder Lateral
Arsenal Strength Flat Bench Press Bench
Arsenal Strength Incline Bench Press Bench
Arsenal Strength Decline Bench Press Bench
Arsenal Strength High Angle Back Row
Arsenal Strength T-Bar Back Row
Arsenal Strength 8 station cable machine for Pull-down, Seated Row, Misc Cable exercises
Arsenal Strength 2 station cable trainer
Arsenal Strength Dip and Leg Extension
Arsenal Strength Smith Machine tilted at a 6 degree angle
Arsenal Strength Preacher Curl Bench
Arsenal Strength Flat Benchs, Incline Benches and Utility Chairs
Arsenal Strength Bent Over Row Bench
Arsenal Strength Hyper Extension Bench
Arsenal Strength Decline Bench
Arsenal Strength Lumber Chest Bench
Arsenal Strength Deadlift Platforms
Troy Dumbbels from 5lbs to 125lbs in 5lb increments
Troy Ez Curl Bars from 20lbs to 110 lbs in 10lb increments
Troy Barbells from 20lbs to 110lbs in 10lb increments
TRX Function Training System

Last updated June 27th 2024

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