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Your Daily Dose of Destruction in 3 Simple Steps

Chances are, that one or two hour period of the day when you get to thrash things out on the weights and take all your stressors out in a most productive way, is a time that you cherish dearly and can’t live without – destruction. You always want to ensure you get the most out of every training session, regardless of the motivation behind it, so to ensure that you are peaking at just the right time to destroy all things good and heavy, here are three simple steps you can follow to ensure you’re ready to attack destruction when the time calls for it.

Step #1: The Build Up To Destruction

The build up is a time frame prior to the day’s events when you prep not only your body but your mind for the destruction that is about to occur. Being mentally prepared to take your body to places it’s never been before is no easy task and no easy feat all at the same time. So, to think you are just going to show up and knock each workout out of the park is a misguided thought. Your anticipation of the workout matters.

Your anxiety for the workout ahead also matters. As much as you love lifting there has to be an element of fear embedded within somewhere to truly take your physique to the next level. Remember, you’re trying to go above and beyond what you’re used to each time you train and putting that type of pressure on the workout and yourself, is all a part of that build up that will lead you to greater things.

Step #2: The Execution

Simply put; be perfect. Everything you do is planned and precise. Every move you make has purpose behind it. All your effort and energy is focused solely on the task of desctruction at hand. Tunnel vision has set in, blinders are on, outside influences turned off, a clearing has been made to ensure there are no casualties other than the weights and it’s all business. This is not social hour and this is not the time or place to make new friends. You are there for one reason only; put in the work to grow-that’s it! Get in, get it done, get out and go home to eat, rest and grow.

Step #3: Find the Fun

You have to enjoy what you’re doing to do it to the best of your abilities. When you are having fun training, you will want to do more, challenge yourself more, try new approaches and strategies and be open to more possibilities. If you aren’t having fun, then you probably won’t last all that long. If having fun means you take yourself to torture town every day, then have at it. If having fun means you have to out-lift everyone in the gym, then the 200lb dumbbells are that way.

If you just enjoy seeing what you see in the mirror after a juicy pump sets in, then by all means. You’ll never train as hard as you should be training if it isn’t fun for you. Find the fun in your own form of destruction – that’s all.

Sometimes things have to be destroyed in order for them to get better upon rebuilding. Our muscles are very much this way in that we have to do a certain amount of damage to them every day in order for them to grow bigger and stronger. This can’t happen if you don’t approach your training with aggression and a little bit of crazy sprinkled in there. By utilizing the steps mentioned above, in your own way, what you are doing is ensuring progress.

You are building upon each day’s work with the culminating effect being the end goal you’re chasing. Don’t ever leave the gym thinking that you could have done more. If you do, then refer back to step one and repeat.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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