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Complicating Concepts: 3 Great Reasons to Just Train

Just train like you always do. There is a plethora of information pertaining to all things training, nutrition and dietary supplements right at your fingertips. Perhaps, now more than ever, you have access to more knowledge than before which is great. What’s not so great about it, however, is the fact that sometimes we spend too much time trying to figure out the perfect approach or the best strategy, versus just getting in there and relying on good old trial and error.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being educated and preparing yourself as best you can by eliminating factors of no worth, but having said that, there’s still a chance you might just stumble onto something that really works well for you by virtue of just getting at it. If you’ve found yourself being more consumed by the meticulous elements and intricate details of training versus just trying everything and having fun, you’re missing out.

That’s why sometimes it’s just better to grip it and rip it and see what happens which is why these three great reasons for just training should never be lost in your quest for success. You have the confidence and the work ethic in place and you know what you need to do. So why are you stopping that from happening? Get moving.

Just Train Reason #1: You Need to Enjoy Yourself

If you’re not having fun with your training, then what are you doing? Yes, it’s understood that you are very serious about your progress and what you’re trying to achieve is no small task, but you have to be enjoying yourself along the way if you’re going to last in this sport. If you always feel like going to the gym is a job for you and something you feel as though you just need to get done and out of the way, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.

You should be excited about the fact you get to go to the gym and train when you want to. It should be an hour or two a day when you’re at your best and want to improve yourself because you can, not because you feel like you have to. Just train!

If you don’t like doing certain exercises, then don’t do them. If you like getting an arm pump every day, even though it’s not arm day, then do it. There are no rules here, just have fun and make sure you always look forward to your time in the gym.

Just Train Reason #2: Wasting Time

With so many complicated training programs, splits, strategies and every other X and O of training that you can think of, it’s no wonder people stand around the gym looking at their phones trying to figure out exactly how they’re supposed to put their program into action. That’s why you need to just train.

Look, the fact of the matter is yes, there are different strategies for training, depending on what your goals are, but even the most highly advanced and technical of programs will do you no good if you’re wasting time trying to understand what it is you’re supposed to be doing. You shouldn’t have to sit there and study your training program to ensure you’re employing it correctly. Just train!

You also don’t have to keep track of reps, sets, time under tension, angles, mechanical advantages, lever and fulcrum points, deloading, reloading, rebounding, tops sets, back off sets, intensity boosting techniques, rest times, and everything else that is out there as closely as you think you do; especially if you’re just starting out. So, stop wasting your time figuring all this stuff out and just go lift.

Just Train Reason #3: Play to YOUR Strengths

Finally, the last thing you should always keep in mind is to simply play to your strengths. Stop trying to mimic what others are doing because what they’re doing, might not work for you. If you’re trying to carbon copy what a certain pro(s) is doing, then you’re already off to a bad start. Just train.

Trying to understand that strength takes time, muscle takes a lot of time and looking like the person you aspire to be like is probably never going to happen, is tough and that’s understandable. But you’re overcomplicating things by allowing yourself to think that there’s only one certain way to get this done when there’s a million different ways in reality.

Your goal should always be to play to your strengths, and your strengths alone. Sure, you can take a little bit from this person, and some more from another, put it together with your own stuff and create a great training program for yourself; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just remember, that it’s your journey, your results and your time that you’re giving to this sport. Don’t lose sight of that, ever.

If you plan on making this a lifestyle, then you have to either already love it or learn to love it. The process will be long and arduous and complicating matters unnecessarily will just put barriers up that you don’t need to hurdle.

Just train, go lift heavy, go do your cardio, hit abs all the time, enjoy the pumps, try all the machines in your gym, make stuff up, stick to the basics, don’t be afraid of trial and error and above all else, work out.

That’s why you go to the gym and just train. Stop bombarding yourself with all the information that is out there and keep things simple and straightforward. This will prove to be your best approach at any stage of your lifting career.

Keep doing what you’re doing because you already know what you need to do. Get to the gym, have your plan in place, do the work you know you need to do and accomplish those goals you’ve set in place for yourself. That’s why you do this, that’s why it’s important to just train.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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