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Crushing Goals and Chasing New Gains

When you wake up to start your day, what is the first thing on your mind? Do you have any gym goals? Are you focused on the minute tasks you habitually carry out in preparation for whatever might come your way that day or are you laser-focused on that checklist that has been strategically crafted to put you closer to what you’re going to achieve?

The success criteria you set forth to ensure daily success in the gym must be the foundation upon which everything else is built. After that, you merely take action, execute and leave nothing to chance. If you can do this and maintain the necessary level of discipline to accomplish these tasks, then you’ll be crushing your goals and chasing new gains at a pace previously unknown to you.

Brickhouse Gym Goal #1: Maximum Effort

There is no point in going to the gym if when you are there, you’re not willing to put your maximum effort into the workout. Gym goals are set to be surpassed and new gains in strength and muscle come by virtue of effort. It is your only limiting factor and you are in complete control of this.

The focus going into a workout should be to outperform your previous best, test the limits to which your body is willing to accept resistance and stimuli and then work in an intensely fierce domain that teeters on the limits of insanity and what it takes to grow.

Brickhouse Gym Goal #2: Find Your Motivation

We all have an innate desire to be better. The intrinsic motivating factors that we rely upon to propel us through even the toughest of workouts aren’t always enough; that’s when we have to outwardly look for more. Where you train has a tremendous impact on this. The atmosphere and feel of your gym should invoke a heightened form of pleasure stemming from all of your senses which then creates a new type of motivation which you can draw upon.

The music you hear, the crashing of the plates in the background, the equipment you see that has been meticulously hand-picked by the owner and the hard training individuals all around will contribute to getting you fired up and ready to attack your workout and beat your best. These are gym goals.

Brickhouse Gym Goal #3: Create Milestones

The work you put in and all of the sets and reps you complete must have some sort of quantifiable measure to it. Your gym goals, both short term and long, are always at the forefront of your training and tracking your progress along the way is certainly important. In between achieving those goals however, are all the little gains that add up and compound the effects of your efforts. These are called milestones and the more of these new gains you can check off your list, the closer you get to those bigger goals.

It could be a simple as getting one more rep, or adding a 2.5lb plate per side or finding a new level of intensity or even just feeling better about the workout you completed. As long as the milestone is positive in nature it is applicable and measurable.

The gym means something different to each of us but the one purpose of the gym goals that we all share and have in common is that it’s a place where goals are achieved and surpassed while simultaneously looking forward to what’s next.

When you are clear on what you want to achieve, leave nothing to chance and force your body to withstand and conquer new challenges, then crushing goals and chasing new gains become commonplace and there’s nothing common about what you’re going to achieve.


Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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