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Fact Checked: 5 Common Gym Myths Exposed

Gym myths are a part of our world. Going to the gym has become such an integral part of our daily lives that it truly is an institution in many homes around the world. A lot of the dinner table talk you have most likely includes what you did at the gym that day, what you saw others do and all of the goals you would like to set for yourself and achieve.

Our conversations about training and nutrition are so commonplace that regardless of who you speak to in the gym, you can usually find some sort of common ground between you to share a laugh or two here and there.

Perhaps, some of the better discussions you have had included “gym myths” that have embedded themselves in our folklore that seem to stand the test of time from one generation of lifters to the next. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best myths that are out there, fact check each, have a good laugh and then move on to our next set.

In no particular order, here they are.

Gym Myth #1: Monday is International Chest Day

While there may be some, or a whole lot of truth behind this gym myth, Monday hasn’t actually been officially designated as International Chest Day-at least that I’m aware of. Typically speaking, most people like to start their training week off on a good note, so they start with their favorite session of the week.

This just so happens to be chest day for so many. It could have something to do with the prowess of having a big bench or the importance of possessing a massive chest, but whatever it is, most like to train chest on Monday. Again, it’s not a law or a rule but it kinda is.

Gym Myth #2: There’s no curling in the Squat Rack

The squat rack for so many holds a special place in our hearts and because of this, the respect we give it needs to be recognized and appreciated by every person who enters the gym. It is where we pray, where we beg for forgiveness and where massive legs are made. It is not where you rest the barbell while your training biceps.

Of course, this is all ridiculous because you can use the squat rack for whatever you want to use it for. I oftentimes curl in the squat rack because I don’t want to put the barbell on the floor due to a bad lower back; so I don’t. If anyone ever gives you grief about this, just ignore it-unless of course you’re putting your barbell curls before someone else’s squats. If that’s the case, then move!

Gym Myth #3: Don’t Miss the Anabolic Window

Those thirty minutes or so directly after training are so crucial to your growth. If you don’t make sure you are ingesting a fast-digesting carbohydrate source coupled with a significant amount of protein within that all-important time frame, then you have just closed the anabolic window and have wasted the entire training session.

Really, gym myth? But what if I have been sipping on an intra-workout shake the entire session that contains amino acids, carbs and electrolytes? What if I take my first bite at the 31-minute mark? What if I’m doing cardio after weights because that’s when I can get it in? Sure, it’s important to eat after working out but does a half-hour or hour without food post-workout really make that much of a difference?

If you’re not using an intra-workout drink, then maybe. If you are, you’ll be fine. The stress of not having food right away will be worse on you than waiting a little longer to eat.

Gym Myth #4: There’s no such thing as Overtraining-just Undereating and Poor Recovery

It is the opinion of this writer that both of these scenarios hold some truth in gym myth lore. If you are constantly smashing your muscles and joints to smithereens and you never give them a break from that, then overtraining is going to be a real thing for you and you’re going to get beaten down and worn out.

If you’re feeling good and nothing like that is bothering you and you’re just feeling tired out, then yeah maybe you aren’t eating enough to recover. But couldn’t it be possible that this is all just one in the same?

Gym Myth #5: All you need is the Basics to Grow and Build a Physique

If that were the case, then why would anything other than barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates exist? Sure, you can get a great workout with minimal equipment, but if you’re looking to build something worthy of acknowledgment or the Olympia stage, then you’re going to need a lot more tools than just this.

Any craft requires a full set of equipment and accessories to do the best job possible. You can’t expect an artist to paint a Mona Lisa with one brush and the same can be said for people who want to build and craft their physiques.

That’s why Justin at Brickhouse Gym has made it a priority to bring in the best pieces of equipment that are out there for his members so that they have all the tools they need to build whatever it is they are working on.

Now, there are many more gym myths out there that need some exposing as well, but these five are some of the more common ones you’ll hear about. Don’t get caught up in believing everything you hear and simply go out and try these things for yourself to see if it’s actually fact or fiction. Chances are you’ll know quickly.

Of course, this article was meant for you to have a laugh and think about some of the things you have learned along the way and whether you have succumbed to these myths at one point or another or not, it doesn’t matter. Live and learn, grow and get bigger, leave your own mark and create your own myth.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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