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Finding Your Foundation

Finding your foundation at the gym takes work. Living a fitness-based lifestyle is all encompassing and at times, very overwhelming. There’s nothing better for you than being active each day with training, weights, cardio, athletics and leisure activities but at some point along the way, you may feel you just need a break from it all. If this ever does occur, be assured it is completely normal and expected.

It’s not easy to maintain the rigors of hardcore training, the monotony of daily cardio, eating the same foods and meals day after day and that’s why you see many people come into this lifestyle and then leave to never come back. All that said, this is what you love to do and what you will always make a priority in your life.

When those times pop up and you feel you do need to step away for a bit, your best course of action when you’re ready to get back into it will always be to start at your foundation and continue from there. Not sure what your foundation is? Read on to find out more.

What is Your Foundation?

Your foundation within your fitness lifestyle is a base for which you know a positive outcome will stem from once you begin. It includes a base diet, a base training program and a structured day that includes your training system and habits that have always yielded significant rewards for those actions.

It’s an entire day of events that make you feel accomplished, gives you a sense of completion and motivates your thoughts and actions for the next day. It’s a checklist, if you will, of the important facets within this lifestyle that you know have always proven advantageous once completed.

Whether you have all of this information written down somewhere, saved as a file on your computer or something you have done for so long and so often that it’s stored in your memory bank, all that matters is it’s there for you and something you can always refer back to when need be to get things going again.

What Creates Your Foundation?

Time; it’s as plain and as simple as that. The time you put into this lifestyle is what will uncover what works for you and what doesn’t. Consistency is next. Putting a plan in place that you can follow to the tee day in and day out, with no exceptions, is what will provide you with the necessary information you need to collect for your foundation. Finally, observation of your actions will allow you to determine what will form the base for which you can work from.

Altogether, these three incredibly important aspects of the fitness lifestyle will create your foundation for success by showing you all that you need to know to start back up if you ever step away from it. Many times, the hardest part of getting back into training again is not knowing where to start. If you’ve already established your foundation, then there should be no excuses.

How Do You Build Upon Your Foundation?

If you’re a regular member of Brickhouse Gym or even if you’re just a fan of what has been created here and geographically can’t be a member, you are quite aware of our message; build what you’re working on brick by brick. Once you have established that ever so important foundation, to build upon it all you have to do is take things one step at a time. This could mean you start by stringing together a bunch of those base days that give you a sense of accomplishment.

It could mean you seeing the numbers in your training going up from session to session or it could mean the changes you see in the mirror positively reflecting your efforts week after week. As long as you are seeing a return on your efforts then you are absolutely building upon your foundation. Could this take time? Of course, but remember, this is a marathon and not a race so just enjoy the process.

There has been a saying that has always stuck with me ever since I heard it. “You cannot build a house without a foundation” is a thought that resonates quite well and can lead you to many great things in life. No matter what it is you are trying to achieve, having a solid base to grow from seems to always yield the best results.

The more effort you put into building your foundation the more you can grow. Make this a priority when it comes to your fitness goals and you’ll find that there really is no reason to ever step away from this incredible lifestyle because it is what keeps you grounded.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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