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Fine Tuning Your Training Approach

The time you spend in the gym fine tuning your training approach should be one of the highlights of your day in that you are there for one purpose; to improve. Your goals need to be plentiful in order to ensure that you capitalize upon all that the gym offers and all of the energy that you have dedicated to that time in the gym is applied effectively and efficiently. There is no room for error and the approach you take toward your training session should be calculated and constructed so that everything you do is fine-tuned to the point of near perfection.

When this occurs you will find that a new sense of accomplishment will set in and what you set out to achieve ends up being only the first step in a series of many to come. Here are a few strategies you may want to start incorporating into your regular routines to improve upon your own approach to maximize your time in the gym.

Be Ready/Be Prepared

The last thing you want to have happened is a situation where you find yourself wandering around aimlessly in the gym trying to figure out what you should be doing next and what needs to get accomplished to ensure all of your efforts went towards progress. All of that wasted time could have instead gone into a structured detailed approach that was already created, reviewed and then reconstructed to ensure training session success. Being prepared and ready for each workout is crucial. It eliminates doubt and inconsistency within the plan and puts you in a much better position to grow.

Be Consistently Structured

Sometimes our lives can be crazy busy and it can take us all over the map with what we have to accomplish during the run of a day. On those days when you feel scattered it’s very comforting to know that at least one part of your day will be consistent and structured with a training approach. This is where your training split comes into play. If you have your week set up so that you know what you’re going to be training each day, you will find relief in that amongst the chaos of your regular day.

So whether you decide to follow a three, four or five-day split, at the very least you’ll know what you’ll be training when you can get to it and what days you will have off to rest and recover. I can guarantee that consistent structure within your week will be greatly appreciated.

Always Go All Out In Your Training Approach

Regardless of the goals, you have set for yourself, the need to always go all out should be a mainstay in your detailed training approach. You may find that you only have twenty minutes on certain days to train or you may have two hours. Neither of those scenarios should change your mindset when it comes to the workout itself. Always go as hard as you possibly can and train like it’s your last session despite the time frame you have to work in. If you can successfully achieve this, then each and every single minute you do spend in the gym will be maximized to the fullest and no time will ever be wasted.

Fine-tuning your training approach doesn’t always have to mean the small intricacies of the movements you use, the exercises you select or the sets and reps you accomplish within the workout itself. It also incorporates your general and overall approach to your time in the gym. Finding ways to be better at doing this will go a long way towards your longevity in this sport and your motivation for continuous self-improvement. Try the strategies suggested above and let your time in the gym be the highlight of your day.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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