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Maximize Workouts: 3 Strategies

The time you spend in the gym is an opportunity for you to better yourself and maximize workouts. It’s a chance to overcome physical barriers, to increase muscle and strength, to improve speed, agility and quickness and also a great time to build mental toughness and fortitude by willing something to happen that you really want to accomplish. The question then remains; do you maximize workouts with each minute that passes or have you been wasting energy here and there that needs a little attention to tighten things up?

Most definitely, there is a social component to going to the gym and that’s fine. Just remember, when you’re there, you’re there to do work and put out maximal effort to ensure success. In order for this to occur, certain approaches need to be in place and to help you out in this regard, here are 3 great strategies you can use to maximize workouts.

Strategy #1: Blinders On To Maximize Workouts

There’s nothing wrong with getting to the gym and taking some time (assuming you have idle time) to chop it up with those you know there. As already mentioned, the social aspect of going to the gym is also very important, so if you can, take the time to do this. However, when it’s time to go to work, put the blinders on and get to it.

That might mean you pull your hoodie up and over your head, blocking out your peripheral. It could mean you put your headphones on or earbuds in and cancel out the distracting noises around you or it could mean you do both. Locking into your workout, with tunnel vision prevailing, will always be your best bet when trying to maximize workouts.

Strategy #2: Find Competition

Training partners are of paramount importance when you find the right person. They will be able to support you and challenge you so that you stay focused and prepared to take on tasks you may have never done before. When you find someone who wants it just as bad as you do or perhaps even more so, the level of intensity within the workout will wipe out any chance of energy being wasted.

Going head to head with someone else who is not only there to see your success but expects the same in return, will provide you with a training experience like no other and the competition between you will be the driving force behind some awesome training sessions to come.

Strategy #3: Eyes on the Prize

Always know what you’re working for in order to maximize workouts. When you have a clear vision of what it is you’re trying to accomplish and the road ahead has been all mapped out for you, stay the course and you’ll never waste a second in the gym. Some people have a difficult time putting out maximal effort when they don’t really know what they’re working towards.

Don’t let this be you. Even if your goals are small, it’s still a task to complete. If your goals are monumental, then there’s work to be done and no time for chit chat. Regardless of where you are on this spectrum, know what you’re trying to achieve and then launch a full out assault on making sure it happens.

You can’t be perfect every single day, but you can certainly work your best towards ensuring all that you do is in the name of progress. There are only so many hours in the day to accomplish your goals and the compounding effects of your efforts will add up if you’re consistent enough in your work output. Don’t ever waste time on menial tasks and you’ll be just fine. Remember, the weights won’t lift themselves so time to get busy and maximize workouts!

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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