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Reign Supreme and Rule Your Gym

definition: dominance – having power and influence over others.

Upon entering the gym, there should be only one thought process fueling your every move; dominate. If you walk out onto the gym floor with no real plan, no goals to crush and nothing to chase, then you’ve just made your first mistake. If on the other hand, your focus is to destroy your previous best while initiating a force of energy so overwhelming that others will flee and retreat to avoid getting sucked into the devastation that is about to occur, then you will rule your gym and reign supreme while leaving all iron casualties in the wake of your destruction. If you are already at this level, I fear for and envy those around you. If you want to take your training to this level, then take heed to the following advice.

Earn Your Gym Respect

You don’t walk into the gym and automatically take status at the top; that’s not how it works. You need to put in your time, show your intentions, mind your own business and work your ass off with your head down and your belt on. There’s no need to show off and you can leave your ego at the door. What earns respect from those you want respect from is hard work in its purest form. Rest assured, your actions and your behaviors will be noticed in due time and you can’t impose your desire for respect upon anyone. It will happen or it won’t; it’s as simple as that. All you can control is how you go about earning it and what sacrifices you are willing to make to prove yourself and that’s about it.

Be Social when it’s Time to be Social

As solitary as this sport can be, you don’t have to exclude yourself from conversations that can and will occur at the gym that will be inclusive of sharing common interests between like-minded individuals. There’s always more to learn when it comes to training, nutrition and all things bodybuilding and fitness-related so why not indulge and include yourself in those talks? Take the time to say hello and introduce yourself to the person training next to you. Be open to answering questions from those who would give anything to pick your brain for five minutes or so and be sure to lend a helping hand when need be. Offering to give someone a spot on the bench or helping an aspiring lifter correct his or her form (provided they’re open to your help) won’t detract from your own workout whatsoever. Instead, it will go towards establishing your presence in the gym while supporting the hierarchy for which you are trying to achieve.

What You See is What You Get

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you better make sure that when it’s time to put in the work, you outwork everyone around you. This level of determination is contagious and will run rampant through the gym elevating everyone else around you. Your intensity, the sheer will and effort to grind through every single rep of every set you complete and the look in your eyes after you’ve just walked the line of safe and insane, will be revered and respected. When your training is of the magnitude that can affect the culture of your gym and the physique you’ve built inspires others to be better, then you have firmly established yourself at the top and will reign supreme in your gym.

The positive influence you have on others is important and being dominant doesn’t always have to come with destruction. As fun as it is to take on this mindset and apply it to your training, there’s much more to it than just that. Sure, you can be that monster who lurks about and rarely acknowledges anyone or anything around them or you can be the friendly giant who gets it done and still gives time to others. If you can do that, then you will dominate and be the ruler of any kingdom you find yourself in and not just the gym.


Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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