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Top 3 Definition Demise Mistakes

A muscular, lean and vascular physique that has plenty of pleasing size and shape is essentially what every single one of us is after in terms of definition. The degree to which this physique is built, will be dependent upon the individual of course, but we’re all basically working towards the same end goal. Some of us are blessed with amazing genetics for attaining such a stature while others, have to work a little bit harder to create such an image. In either case, when trying to achieve a certain level of definition within your physique, there are a few mistakes commonly made that contribute to your demise. Many of these mistakes are easily fixed with a quick recalculation of your efforts and most of these mistakes come by way of bad information. To help you achieve a physique that has more definition than a dictionary, here are the top three mistakes you’ve been making that have been holding you back from your end goal that you need to stop doing now.

Mistake #1: Thinking You Need a Cheat Meal for Definition

This is by and large the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose body fat and change body composition for the better. A cheat meal, whereby you veer off plan with your nutrition once or even twice a week, thinking that it will further your efforts, is a big mistake. When trying to strip off as much body fat as you can, a cheat meal is not something that’s guaranteed. Rather, it’s something that COULD be utilized as another agent in your progression. Cheat meals are meant to be used as a strategically placed proponent for increasing a slowed metabolism or for energy loading purposes; that’s all. When a cheat meal is needed will vary from person to person and it may be weeks or even months before one is required. If you’re just about to launch yourself into a fat loss phase or are currently in one, stop looking forward to that cheat meal and start looking forward to a better looking you.

Mistake #2: Doing too Much Cardio too Soon

Very rarely does anyone look into the mirror and think slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to losing body fat. Depending upon how far you’ve let yourself go, the need or desire to get rid of the excess weight you’ve accumulated as fast as possible, typically becomes the mindset. As such, you become anxious and willing to do just about anything to speed things up; one of which is cardio and a lot of it. Thinking that the more cardio you do the better it will be for you is both right and wrong. Yes, you will have to perform cardio sessions to tilt the balance of energy expenditure in the way it needs to be for fat loss but doing too much too soon will lead to your demise. Our body is excellent at adapting to the stress we apply to it and because of this, if you start doing an hour of cardio right of the start, that only means that to further your progress down the road, you’re going to have to do even more cardio. So with that in mind, how much cardio do you actually want to do each day to achieve your desired results? Instead of getting yourself into this predicament, rely upon your diet and as little cardio as possible to get things moving in the right direction at first and then gradually add more time or intensity to your sessions as you move forward.

Mistake #3: Relying Upon Supplements

This needs to be said and the hope is that this will stick and stay with your for however long you care to be cognizant of your physique and how it looks. There is NO magic pill or powder that will burn off fat just by virtue of you taking it; period. You will never supplement your nutrition with a product that will replace good old fashion dieting and hard work in the gym. You can buy and utilize all the fat burning products you see and hope that it will reveal the definition you want to attain, but if you aren’t putting in the real work, these products will do nothing for you other than empty out your pockets. Yes, there is a place in a program for supplements that are supportive in your definition efforts, but they aren’t safety nets for an excuse to go off plan thinking you’ll be fine. That’s not how it works and if you think that’s how it works, you’re wrong. Do everything else right first, let your body work and respond to your efforts, take this as far as you can and then introduce fat burning supplements into your plan. That’s the right way to do it.

It’s easy to understand the impatience that comes along with a body transformation or the need to see definition as quickly as possible. In haste, we make mistakes and in learning that what we think is the right thing to do is actually leading us to our eventual demise, is never an easy pill to swallow (pun intended). There’s nothing wrong with trial and error when trying to find the best course of action with respect to finding new definition and there’s also nothing wrong with letting someone else take the wheel and guide you to newer gains. Our trainers here at Brickhouse Gym are fully aware of all scenarios that may present themselves as you work your way towards a leaner version of you, so take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. The best way is the right way and anything other than that, is a mistake you never want to make.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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