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Top 3 Tips for Building Your Biggest Arms

Who doesn’t want sleeve splitting biceps and meaty triceps that look like they’re just hanging off the bone? Am I right in saying that no matter the case, your arms can never have the biggest arms?

Whether it’s the peaky mountain tops we saw from Arnold or the never before seen arms of Phil or the what am I even looking at arms of Roelly, having a giant set of guns will always be a priority for just about every serious bodybuilder or gym goer that is out there. So, in the spirt of this quest, here are my top three tips for building your version of the biggest arms.

Biggest Arms Tip #1: Train Arms more Frequently than you Think

The biceps and triceps seem to respond a little differently from other body parts. The bigger muscle groups, such as back, legs and even chest, do much better with heavier loads with low to moderate volume applied. Arms on the other hand, do much better with frequency and lighter loads while utilizing a higher volume approach.

There’s no problem whatsoever with dedicating a day for just training both your biceps and triceps in order to get the biggest arms you can, but it could also be a great idea to train your biceps in addition to training another body part on another day while doing the same for triceps. Perhaps you pair triceps with your chest day and biceps with your back day and then later on in the week, a full arm day.

The goal is to not destroy your arms each time but to do enough to stimulate growth so that you can just keep pumping them up all the time. Doing this can help get you the biggest arms.

Biggest Arms Tip #2: Train Your Triceps First

Everyone loves a great biceps pump and when asked to make a muscle, the biceps shot is the one you throw up. That said, if you truly want the biggest arms, you have to develop the triceps muscle on the backside of your arm to its fullest potential. Seeing as the triceps is the larger muscle group of the two (some say it accounts for two thirds of the overall size in the upper arm) it only makes sense to blow that out if you’re looking for huge arms.

So in that respect, when you are at your best and have the most energy for the workout, which is at the beginning, hammer out your triceps work so that you can put everything you’ve got into it. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be doing the same for biceps, it’s just that when you’re already somewhat tired, you shouldn’t be training the muscle group that’s going to be responsible for the majority of your upper arm size.

Biggest Arms Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Forearms

For some reason or another, the idea of training your forearms has been lost on so many people. Your forearm is literally the other half of your arm, so why wouldn’t you train it? It really makes no sense whatsoever. It’s no different from training your quads and hams but not training your calves, however, my bet is that more people train their calves regularly than they do their forearms.

So, stop avoiding or neglecting that area of your arm, and train it to add to the overall size of your arm as a whole. If you think forearm size doesn’t matter, go meet Frank and take one look at his forearms and then you’ll know how cool freaky forearms look. And don’t forget this too, when you have on a t-shirt, what part of your arm is exposed for everyone to consume?

That’s right, your forearm so if you want impressive arms, all the time, then you gotta train your forearms.

When you talk about bodybuilding and what it takes to be successful, we look at structure, we look at symmetry and we look at the body as a whole and how it all fits together. One criticism you never hear when analyzing anyone’s physique, is that their arms are too big; that criticism just never happens.

You will hear that the arms are too small, or legs need to come up or back thickness needs to improve, but you never hear anyone say a person’s arms are too big. So with that said, go ahead and train your arms to your heart’s content because they can and never will be big enough.

Use the tips mentioned above alongside everything else you’ve learned about your own body and how it responds to the training stimulus, and I’ll see you at the preacher bench because I’m still working on building bigger arms too.

Author: Dana Bushell

Gym Star Team Member

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